18F 7kW eBike Sinewave/Silent Controller - Android-iOS-Bluetooth Programmable

Affordable, highly configurable electric bike controller that makes your motor powerful and silent at the same time. Now, with added smartphone/Bluetooth functionality, it's easy to program your ride from an iPhone or Android device. No wires, no laptops, no hassle.

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  • Sinewave power modulation makes motor run very quietly and vibration free
  • A wide range of features programmable wirelessly from and Android or iOS/iPhone devices
  • Voltage operating range 36-100v
  • Battery currents up to 70A
  • Phase currents up to 200A
  • 18 Genuine AOT290L low resistance (RDS) MOSFETs 
  • Finely adjustable regenerative brake force
  • Adjustable 3 speed switch
  • Cruise control
  • Configurable hard or soft start option
  • Larger fins on the aluminum heatsink box for better heat dissipation and performance
  • Adjustable magnetic flux weakening for higher speeds and efficiency
  • Tested top unloaded speed with flux weakening enabled: 130mph at 100v
  • Weight: 0.7Kg/1.5lbs,
  • Dimensions are 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1 7/8 ''
  • Bluetooth iOS & Android programming is now standard


T Jack Gary IV 09/25/2017

Great Controller Great Customer Service

Controller is super silent and powerful. I have it on a Mxus V3 4T and 72v 20ah battery. It has the torque I was looking for. Any questions are promptly answered by Vad. I will purchase again on my next build Thank you
Jack Gary

    Erin M 02/6/2017

    Great Controller! and Service

    Very smooth and reliable, customer service is high caliber as well. Dont Hesitate, powers my MXUS 4t with no issues

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    18F 7kW eBike Sinewave/Silent Controller - Android-iOS-Bluetooth Programmable

    18F 7kW eBike Sinewave/Silent Controller - Android-iOS-Bluetooth Programmable

    Affordable, highly configurable electric bike controller that makes your motor powerful and silent at the same time. Now, with added smartphone/Bluetooth functionality, it's easy to program your ride from an iPhone or Android device. No wires, no laptops, no hassle.

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    • Asked by a guest
      on 01/25/2017
      Can this controller be configured from an iPhone? Answer:
      Yes, iPhone app is available and has all the features present in Android app. Just search for "PowerVeloCity" in the App Store.
    • Asked by Sven Ebi
      on 02/19/2017
      https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=75888Is this your controller?Best regards Sven Ebi Answer:
    • Asked by robert shaw
      on 02/21/2017
      hello do you have a programming cable for the controller? and will the emv 3 position switch work with it? (controller is awesome btw nice job) I have a few questions about the App, first up what is the sp limit? i cant work that one out and secondlywhat is the Tesla mode and finally will the controller regen at 55 volts with a setting of 150 as opposed to for example 100 and just use higher amps to increase braking force, or do the volts go up, thanks for your time Answer:
      Yes, we can supply the programming cable or BT wireless programming module (recommended). Any 3 position switch will work. The SP limit can be used to limit top speed for compliance/legal reasons. Tesla mode is regenerative braking once the throttle is released (like in Tesla). Regen can be configured to work at 55v with a small mod. The regen voltage does not change or affect the force of regen once set.
    • Asked by a guest
      on 03/13/2017
      Will this controller work with this motor: http://www.syimotor.com/productDe_5.html Answer:
      We have not tested with this motor specifically, but there is a 98% chance it will work with it just fine.
    • Asked by sven ebi
      on 04/4/2017
      hi i need the windows programing software Answer:
      Can be downloaded here: http://powervelocity.com/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=29
    • Asked by a guest
      on 06/8/2017
      Dimensions? Answer:
      Weight: 0.7Kg/1.5lbs, Dimensions are 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1 7/8 ''
    • Asked by Frank
      on 06/18/2017
      Can it now configured from an Iphone? Answer:
      Yes, you can.
    • Asked by Jack Gary
      on 07/3/2017
      Hello,Currently building fat tire off road bike for hunting. In Florida need power bursts for mud wallows and sugar sand pits. I have a Mxus V3 3000w continuous 5000w peak motor. Batteries are 20s 4p 26650 cells BMS 40a continuous 120a max I have tried 3 no good controllers. It will run fine on a Luna Cycle Cyclone 72v 40a controller but I want a little more power for these rough terrain patches. I tried Luna's 60a BT controller but it seems to have a throttle signal issue. I need a recommendation on a controller and customer support to hook up. 3 phase and 5 hall wires 1 temp probe ( white ) Please let me know. I am looking at Kelly Controllers http://kellycontroller.com/kls7218s24v-72v200asinusoidal-brushless-motor-controller-p-1401.html but I do not want to get over my head on a complicated controller. The 40a Luna that runs fine is hooked up phase y-y bl-bl gr-gr hall y-y bl-gr gr-bl power switch wire hooked up directly to main red battery wire. Please advise and I'll buy your controller. I also need the matching connector plugs to the halls and throttle connector. I do not want to start snipping connectors then find out I got a bad controller. Went that route.Thank you Answer:
      Depending on how much amps you are planning to run, we would recommend either 18F or 24F controller. 18F will allow you to run up to 70A and 24F will run up to 150A. For long term reliability, it's always a good idea to oversize the controller, so it's running much below its max rating.
    • Asked by Ben
      on 07/3/2017
      Hi, I am running 24s lipo at 70-80amps, are the fets rated high enough for this? I don't want the 24fet as it's too big for me. Answer:
      We have 120V versions of 18F controller. They will run well up to 117v and 70A current.
    • Asked by Jack Gary
      on 07/5/2017
      Hello, Looking at your controller 18F. Currently have MXUS V3 3000w motor and batteries 72v 20ah 40a continuous bms 120a max 1. Do you have matching pin plugs for hall and throttle. ? 2. Do I need a key switch or can the power switch wire be wired directly to the controller B+ and just plugged into the battery to power up.? 3.Looking at Kelly Controller but Kelly says " precharge resistors " necessary. I want a simple controller with more power than I am currently running a Luna Cycle 72v 40a controller 4. What do you recommend ? Any accessories needed ? Please Advise Answer:
      1. Hall plug on the controller matches exactly the MXSUS 3000 connector. The throttle connector is a standard 2.8mm 3-pin connector. Can be easily swapped to anything else you have on your throttle. 2. The controller is powered with an "ignition" wire that connects to the battery positive. That eliminates the need to plug and unplug the battery all the time and deal with the big spark all the time. Here is the connection diagram: http://powervelocity.com/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=30 However, it's a good safety practice to have some sort of cutoff mechanism that allows you to disconnect the battery. We use DC breakers for that. We sell them as well. 3. Pre-charge resistors is a good practice but not mandatory. As noted above, a DC breaker would work as well. 4. We would recommend 3-position power switch, cruise control button and a 12v step down converter for powering lights and accessories. A GPS tracking system can also be good for bike retrieval in case of a theft.
    • Asked by Jack Gary
      on 07/5/2017
      Thank you for answering my questions. My Mxus motor shipped to me with no plugs. If you can provide hall and throttle plug great or link to purchase elsewhere great. I will use a Blue Seas c-series 100a circuit breaker for the power switch. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/blue-sea-systems--c-series-single-pole-white-toggle-circuit-breakers--P009_273_007_524?recordNum=2 That should be all I need correct. The other connections I do not plan to use at this time. Here is the motor I purchased that came with Mxus logo The motor currently runs on a luna cycle 72v 40a controller wired phase B-B Y-Y G-G and hall is different Y-Y B-G G-B. Please let me know if compatable. Here is the motorhttps://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-E-bike-spoke-motor-3000W-Brushless-DC-Hub-Motor-for-Rear-Wheel-E-bike/2045060945.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.MlDqtvThank you Answer:
      We can supply matching connectors for extra. Our controllers match perfectly with all MXUS motors. Phase and hall sensor match exactly color to color. Phase and hall combos for popular motors are posted in on the connection diagram: http://powervelocity.com/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=30
    • Asked by Adam
      on 07/9/2017
      Hello,I was wondering if the controller is weather sealed? Such that if it was on the outside of the bike frame, and got splashed, or rained on, would water seep it and short it out?Thanks Answer:
      Controllers are protected from rain or water splashes. You can water hose it without a consequence.
    • Asked by Peter
      on 07/19/2017
      Hi, I had a question with regards to your controllers available. I have a 2000w motor, 72v41.6AH Lithium battery for an emmo zone ebike (emmo.ca) motorcycle and was wondering if you have a controller that could replace the existing one where I can maximize the speed to 70-80+ kms. Answer:
      We have a range of controllers that can handle from 2kw to 16kw. So, the answer is "Yes". Some of our customers run speeds as high as 70mph (112km/h).
    • Asked by Rune
      on 08/10/2017
      Hey there.. does this controller work with 60Deg hall sensor spacing as well as the more standard 120Deg? Does it do hall sensor mapping? I have a Crown TC4080 and i think the halls are 60deg apart Answer:
      Yes, 120 or 60 degrees for hall sensors. Both are supported. No hall mapping but with have combos for most of popular motors.
    • Asked by John
      on 08/11/2017
      I like the look of this controller to replace the one i have now. My question is, I am also using a cycle analyst V3 plus the grintech external shunt (1mohm). Is this controller a direct plug and play with the cycle analyst and internal controller shunt, or should i wire it the same way as my present controller. (Just the throttle wire and speed from hall sensor and internal motor temp sender. Answer:
      Controllers are plug and play with Cycle Analyst v3. All CA functions are supported.
    • Asked by Sean
      on 09/8/2017
      Does this controller have variable regen (i.e. by backing off the throttle, or by using a separate hall/pot control)? Answer:
      Not at the moment but we are looking into offering that option later on.
    • Asked by Jonathan Ronne
      on 10/14/2017
      Does the alarm option come with remote on/off and lock unlock? Answer:
      Not at this time, but will be available in the near future.
    • Asked by jonathan
      on 10/14/2017
      Would this be an appropriate controller level choice for a 8000w (273) and a LG 72v 42AH with I believe is 3000mw 100 nominal. Answer:
      We recommend larger 24F controller for QS273 motor.
    • Asked by Andy
      on 10/22/2017
      I am connecting to a edge 1500 hub motor from electric race technology any info on, phase wire color connections, hall sensor color connections, and number of poles. Also any guess on maximum no load RPM with what level of flux weeding. The IPhone app looks great. Thanks Answer:
      If it's made by QS Motor, which seems like it is, the blue and green phase and hall wires need to be swapped around. QS motors normally have 16 pole pairs. It's surprising the seller would not provide this information.
    • Asked by eli
      on 11/1/2017
      Hi, I am looking for a sine wave controller for Enduro 5 kw motor, 72 V battery. Looking for high torque, easy setup and possible compatible display. Prefer plug and play, high performance to get the max from the motor, reliability and troubles free. Advanced features as alarm, lights are preferable. What do you recommend? Eli Answer:
      A 24F controller should work best for this. For display, you can use either a Cycle Analyst or our smartphone Bluetooth module (or both if you like).
    • Asked by Kevin
      on 11/1/2017
      I have a 2000W qs motor 84V battery what controller do you recommend to maximize my motor performance? Answer:
    • Asked by Eli
      on 11/1/2017
      1. What's the 24 fets controller? 2. Does the Android app has the display capabilities for the 24fets as well or just for 18 fets 3. Are you familiar with the Phase, Hall settings matching Leili Enduro 5,000W motor? 4. Can you provide the controller with the Enduro thick gray connector ( I can't attach the image here) 5. Are lights, alarm and USB capabilities available? How does it work? 6. What's the cost of the 24 fets controller with these capabilities and 3 positions switch. 7. How is it compare to.Lyen 24 fets controller? Thx Answer:
      1. 24F is the largest controller we have, it's rated for up to 15kw, we have 120v and 150v versions. 2. Yes, all our controllers can be fitted with BT smartphone programming and dashboard functionality. 3. It's likely direct color-to-color match but we can help figuring it out if it isn't.
    • Asked by a guest
      on 11/21/2017
      Am I able to use my phone to see speed, battery life, etc. with this? Answer:
      Yes, you can.
    • Asked by Jürgen
      on 12/1/2017
      Hello, please send me an offer for an Ideal Contorller for the follwowing configuration: 24S Battery 5T MXUS 3k Motor Peak Power 5kW I woud like to use a Smartphone for programming and to display all data (speed,BattVoltage,Power...)during the ride. Answer:
      Please email your inquiry to sales@powervelocity.com

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