15kW 120v Sinewave/Silent Controller - Android-iOS-Bluetooth Dash & Programming

Affordable, highly configurable electric bike controller that makes your motor powerful and silent at the same time. Now, with added smartphone/Bluetooth functionality standard for all controllers, it's easy to program your ride from an iPhone or Android device. No wires, no laptops, no hassle.

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  • Included Wireless dashboard module for your iPhone (link to app) or Android (link to app) device to monitor speed, distance, RPM, power consumption, battery level, range left, and much more;
  • A wide range of features easily programmable via Bluetooth from your phone or tablet
  • Sinewave power modulation makes motor run quiet and vibration free
  • Voltage operating range 24-100v, 36-120v or 70-150v
  • Battery currents up to 150A
  • Phase currents up to 300A
  • 24 Genuine low resistance (RDS) MOSFETs 
  • Finely adjustable regenerative braking force (range of settings - 0 to 200)
  • Three level power or speed adjustments selectable on the go
  • Cruise control activated with a push button and resettable with the brake or throttle
  • Adjustable Acceleration Ramp-up (hard or soft start)
  • Larger and stronger box for better heat dissipation and performance
  • Adjustable magnetic flux weakening for higher speeds and efficiency
  • Tested top unloaded speed with flux weakening enabled: 130mph at 100v
  • Size 250 x 120 x 70 mm
  • Weight - 2.3kg


Richard Kenders 09/25/2017

Well built controller

See my review thread on Endless-sphere

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Steven Oldham 09/13/2017

Great controller

This is a very good controller. I have had it on my bike with my 24s 100volt pack running my cromotor for about three months now and it works great. I have mayed runs at 45 and 50 mph. Constant for 20 miles and it bearly got warm if you want a dependable controller for your bike this is it.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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15kW 120v Sinewave/Silent Controller - Android-iOS-Bluetooth Dash & Programming

15kW 120v Sinewave/Silent Controller - Android-iOS-Bluetooth Dash & Programming

Affordable, highly configurable electric bike controller that makes your motor powerful and silent at the same time. Now, with added smartphone/Bluetooth functionality standard for all controllers, it's easy to program your ride from an iPhone or Android device. No wires, no laptops, no hassle.

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  • Asked by PIERROT
    on 05/14/2017
    hiI need to know the total price for delivery to france ? And if it's possible to pay by paypal link ?Best regards, Answer:
    Priority shipping to France is $65, so the total is $414. We can send a PayPal invoice.
  • Asked by Daniel Svensson
    on 05/17/2017
    Hi,I wonder if you ship to EU, Sweden to be specific? Answer:
    Yes, we have been shipping all around the world. For this controller, it's normally $65 for priority shipping.
  • Asked by Gary
    on 05/28/2017
    Does variable regen work? How much additional is the GPS/Alarm? Answer:
    Two-tage regen is working. No variable regen just yet. Alarm is $80.
  • Asked by Frank Sigmund
    on 06/16/2017
    "Bluetooth/Android programming is now standard" what does it mean? I want programming the controller only with the ios/iphone devices. Is this possible? Do you have a special price for dealer? How many percentage? Because, if your controller works well, I will order a lot of them.Greetings Frank Answer:
    Yes, we have iOS version of the app as well. Discounts for dealers are possible. Please send your requests on this directly to sales@powervelocity.com
  • Asked by a guest
    on 06/24/2017
    Can you ship next day service? Answer:
    Yes, we can.
  • Asked by gavoille yannick
    on 10/30/2017
    hellois the controller delivered with the bluetooth adapter and the software? thank you Answer:
    This controller comes bundled with BT programming. The smartphone dashboard functionality is $60 extra.
  • Asked by Jonathan Ronne
    on 10/31/2017
    I'll using a qs 205 v3. 72v 35ah LG battery. What advantages might this controller have over the 18 fet version for my set up? In performance. Thanks Answer:
    A 24F can deliver more current, so you will get more torque primarily. A larger controller will also be more reliable long term.
  • Asked by Kevin
    on 11/3/2017
    Will this controller be ok with my 84V 2000W qs motor will my motor burn out using this motor? Answer:
    The controller can be programmed/adjusted to match your battery and/or motor power ratings. Adjustments are easily done via the smartphone app from Android or iOS. Please email to sales@powervelocity.com and note what your battery current is and we'll provide further advice.
  • Asked by Kevin
    on 11/6/2017
    Is there a meter wire for a speedometer Answer:
    Speed is picked from a motor hall sensor.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 12/23/2017
    Is this a sabvoton controller? If so, what's the model number. Does it have a CA v3 connector? Answer:
    It's not a Sabvoton controller but it does have CAv3 connector.
  • Asked by Sven Ebi
    on 01/2/2018
    Is the specified size really correct, or without bracket? Answer:
    The size is specified without mounting flaps. Some customers chose to cut them off to fit inside frames.
  • Asked by Nick Ross
    on 01/24/2018
    What is the maximum E-RPM of this controller? And does that only matter if you're using a motor without hall effect, or is it the same for with?Thanks, Nick Answer:
    50,000eRPM in sensored mode. Without hall sensors, it seems to be handle more eRPM.
  • Asked by Andrey
    on 03/19/2018
    Hey no emails from you at all come on at lest say that you don't want to do this, I'm tired waiting and waiting.Do you have a controller that supporting 100AMPS contentious, and 10k.w to 15k.w super silent very very quiet controller that way it will be super silent BUT in same time I need it to be very powerful for the hub-motor that I'm getting 8K.W to 10K.W but do not over heat the hub-motor The goal is I need to achieve super fast acceleration from 0 to 60 whatever in couple second !!Please get back to me, me and my team are waiting !! Answer:
    Responded via email.
  • Asked by ecross
    on 04/6/2018
    Hiis fully variable regen now on stock?-still waiting for more then xx weeks!-a beta version is ok, will test the controller here, have big hills...-send ASAP info to meThanks Answer:
    Responded via email.
  • Asked by Alex
    on 04/25/2018
    Is it possible to connect toggle regen via an external switch? Is there any way to pull data to be displayed using something like an Arduino (speed, RPM, Power etc) ? Answer:
    Toggle for regen is possible but unnecessary. You can turn off regen from via the Android or iOS apps.
  • Asked by LC
    on 05/29/2018
    Hi. Can you please confirm that this controller accepts a second throttle input 0.8 - 3.6v for variable regenerative braking. And that it works in both sensored and sensorless modes. Thanks Answer:
    Not at the moment.
  • Asked by Joseph
    on 06/7/2018
    Can this Controller handle sensorless and sensored motors??? Answer:
    24F controllers are sensored only.
  • Asked by kevin
    on 06/7/2018
    Hi I'm trying to order this controller but i can't select to ship to Canada how can I place the order? I'm in Toronto ont. M6h3x7 Its for your 15kw 24fet controller the one that's $399 Also is there a meter wire for my speedometer And a connection plug for alarm? Answer:
    Yes, can be fitted.
  • Asked by Jason
    on 06/18/2018
    Hi I need a controller I think I have a 72v 40ah battery with a 150 bms Controller 120. 8000w motor The bike runs great until day 30 minuets then seems to not get power to motor starts to judder. When I stop the bike for say one hour. All is good again. When this happens battery still shows. 70 volts. Do you think that the controller is to small And can you send me a pic of the one you have. Look forward to your answer Answer:
    Please see response via email.
  • Asked by Jason
    on 06/18/2018
    Sorry it is wrong email Answer:
  • Asked by brian
    on 08/21/2018
    can this do 450 phase amps and will it max 150 battery or will is do more Answer:
    20kw model can do that.
  • Asked by Brian Glover
    on 08/27/2018
    So I have the 15kw model it is awesome the issue is that it will only regen at 116v. I use a 28s lipo on it but I normal only charge it to 4.1v or 114.8v so it's not a issue but I wanted to test out a 32s lipo but cannot because of regen. I have the xpd software and when I change the regen voltage to min or max 40-77v it changes nothing it still does 116v is there a additional programming method. Answer:
    For 120v controllers, regen is limited at 116v to prevent damage. Programming it with software other than we provide may have unpredictable result. we provide an easy way to program it from a smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 08/27/2018
    Hiis fully variable regen or 2 step switch regen now on stock?-still waiting for more then xx weeks!Thanks Answer:
    Not yet.
  • Asked by Michael Sullivan
    on 09/13/2018
    would such a controller work for driving a 8000w QS 273 13" hub motor via a 72v 60Ah battery pack? Answer:
    Yes, i works well with this motor.
  • Asked by maxi
    on 11/7/2018
    can i use laptop and program 15kw;120v controller useing cable Answer:
    You can try to program with cables but we don't support that when wireless programming is available.

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