At PowerVeloCity.com, we are not simply selling electric bicycles and parts, we practice what we preach. We are passionate about designing, building, riding, and constantly improving eBikes. Below is a short non-exhaustive list of the reasons why:

We believe the time is right and the potential is great for the next step in the evolution of this most popular method of transportation that has not seen much change for centuries

Electrification adds meaningful travel ranges to bicycles enabling trips of 20, 40, or even 100 miles and makes bicycles practical commuter vehicles (especially in traffic-congested urban areas)

eBikes help reduce air pollution by reducing the use of gasoline-burning vehicles

Spare yourself and others from breathing carcinogenic fumes from fossil fuel burning

Ride in the areas and explore the places not accessible to other vehicle types

Because electric bikes can be pedaled like regular bicycles, they offer exercise "on demand": you can work out while commuting to work or running errands but don't have to arrive at your destination sweating

- Ultimately, riding an electric bicycle is a liberating experience!