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  • Lightweight, less than 1kg / 2lbs

24F NextGen PV Controller


New PV controller developed from the ground up to be powerful, compact, and with rich functionality. 

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  • 250 char. max

- Wireless dashboard for your iPhone (link to app) or Android (link to app) device to monitor: speed, distance, RPM, power consumption, battery level, range left, and much more

- A wide range of features programmable via Bluetooth from your phone or tablet

- Over-the-air (OTA) software and firmware updates

- Field Oriented Control (FOC) with all phase current sensing architecture for smoothest acceleration and regenerative braking

- Variable/modulating regenerative braking with a secondary throttle

- Torque/current control for acceleration

- Operating voltage range 15-140v

- Battery currents up to 200A

- Phase currents up to 600A

- Power stage built on metal core board directly interfacing with the heatsink enclosure for best cooling

- 24 high quality low resistance MOSFETs 

- Light weight: 0.9Kg/2lbs,

- Dimensions are 225x48x94mm