Power distribution for my 72V 57Ah eScooter

On my eScooter, I have a lot more room than a typical eBike. As such, I’m less concerned about minimizing room and instead more interested in increasing functionality and simplifying service & diagnostics. To that end here is the design I’m following for wiring up the power on my eScooter showing all the primary circuits. […]

Hall/Phase color-coded wiring per motor brand

Just another quick post to document the differences in Hall/Phase color-coded wiring per brand of motor. Needless to say, you will have to get this right depending on which motor you are driving via the PowerVelocity controller. Brands that have been tested to work with our controller include MXUS, Crystalyte, QSmotor, and Cromotor. Other brands […]

PV Throttle Options

In keeping with supporting lots of options, the PV controller supports three types of throttle connections. Run your throttle via the Bluetooth Module. Supports pretty much any EV throttle out there, including Domino/Magura types. If using a Domino/Magura type of throttle with a direct connection to the controller, then add resistors to adjust the voltage […]

Brake Subsystem

The brake subsystem on PowerVelocity controllers is managed via three connectors, conveniently named EBS-, EBS-, and EBS+. Having so many connectors might seem confusing at first, but the reason is because they offer you multiple ways to wire your bike’s brakes up to the controller, depending on your particular use-case. At a high level, we […]